Power Bank 50000mAh Portable Charger LED Light Poverbank Powerbank 50000 mAh External Battery For iPhone Xiaomi Samsung Huawei




When you receive the power bank for the first time:

1) Please use up all of the power

2) And then full charge it

3) It will be better to charge-discharge about 2-3 times to reach good capacity


Battery Type: Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

Color: Black, White

Battery Capacity: 50000mAh/3.7V

Rated Capacity: 32500mAh/5V – 37000mAh/5V

Conversion Rate : 65%

Input: 5V/2.1A*3

Output: 5V/2.1A *4

Power: 10W

Material: ABS

Size: 165*81*50mm

Net Weight: About 1090g


1. With digital display

2. With LED light

2. 4 USB output ports(USB A), 3 input ports (For Lightning+Micro USB+TypeC)

3. Large Capacity-50000mAh capacity


Q : Why the battery capacity is 50000 mAh, but the rated capacity is only 32500 mAh? (Why it shows a capacity lower than 50000mAh when I test it?)

A : 1. Energy Conservation Law The unit of measuring the power of the power bank is not only the “mAh”, but also the “mWh”(voltage V * capacity )

Since the standard lithium battery voltage of the power bank is 3.7V, the current charging voltage of mainstream mobile phones and computers, or other mobile devices is the standard 5V voltage of the USB interface. The mobile power supply must be boosted to 5V before charging the mobile phone.

For example :

The normal energy of a power bank with a capacity of 50000 mAh is 50000mAh * 3.7V = 185000mWh. After the booster circuit outputs 5V, the output capacity becomes 3.7V / 5V * 50000mAh = 37000mAh.(37000mAh*5V=185000mWh)

2. Energy Consumption During Charging
During the boosting process of the mobile power supply, due to the loss of the booster circuit itself, it cannot output 100% of all energy, and the conversion rate is related to the output current. Normally, when outputting 1A current, the conversion rate will be higher than when outputting 2A.

The conversion rate of the entire mobile power industry is basically in the range of 60% -70%.

So the Conversion Rate in 60% -70% and the Rated Capacity in 30000mAh-35000mAh is reasonable.

50000mAh High-Capacity Power Bank

When you fully charge it can be used for 2-3 weeks
Power bank with high quality battery

LARGE DIGITAL LED & Display Remaining PowerEasy to carry, suitable for various scenarios

such as camping, USB fans, games, video, ontdoor lighting,power cut at home,night fishing etc.Charging 4 Devices at the same timeNO HOT – COOLING TECHNOLOGY

4 USB ports will not cause too high temperature if used for a long time50000mAh Large-Capacity Power Bank

Fast charging of various devices3 Ports Inputs and 4 Ports OutputsUNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY

For iphone,ipad,smartphone,apple watch,airpods pro,wireless earbuds,kindle,tablets,etcSMART CHIP

Intelligent distribution of current to protect mobile phone batteryLED LIGHTING

Capacity of 50000mAh is suitable for outdoor lighting and emergency lighting for household power outages.Product Parameters

18W PD QC Fast Charging Version

Charging 4 Devices At the Same Time Max Speed

You can charge multiple devices as you like, which is convenient for life

Charging Cable
One line can meet three interfaces, can be used for mobile phone/tablet 1 power bank/humidifier/small fan


Durable braided nylon body Feel comfortable and not wrap for longer

Additional information

Brand Name


Output Interface

Four Usb

Input Interface

Micro USB, USB Type C

Battery Type

Li-polymer Battery

Shell Material



With Flashlight, Digital display


Mainland China


Outdoor High Capacity Power Supply



Support Quick Charge Technology


Max Input



Black, White



Compatible with


Power Bank Capacity


Rated Capacity


Feature 1

power bank 50000mah

Feature 2

for iPhone 13 12 13pro 12pro X XS XR MAX 6 7 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, Xs Max

Feature 3

for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note 8

Feature 4

For Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20Pro, Mate 20 Lite, P30, P30 Pro

Feature 5


Feature 6

For Xiaomi Mi9, Mi9 SE, Mi8, Mi8 SE




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